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My Virtual Museum Page Three

The 1990's were the decade for me of classic cars. I went through so many and if it weren't for these photos, they would just be fond memories. My life changed in 2006 when After 27 years of doing upholstery, I decided it was time for a change. I became a self-thought aeronautical engineer. and took my aircraft designs with me to Wuhan China and opened a factory "Vertigo Aircraft Development" to manufacture my designs and product. I was an American in a Chinese factory for two years. On the ground with no financial backing, the risk being very high for success or failure. In 2009 I came back to America broke and homeless because the people I left money to, did not support me as promised and they all took my money. I asked myself, "What was I doing when I made the most money? Well, I was doing upholstery!"

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