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My Fathers Legacy

My father was a Hot Rodder in the '50s and like many young men during this time they were interested in modifying their "Jalopies".
He was best friends with Leroy also a Hot Rodder. Later, He married Leroy's sister Mabel, who would later become my mother.
My mother was a real sport when it came to my father's car hobby. He passed away when I was 11 years old, he was 39.

Mom and Dad 1.jpeg

My Virtual Museum

I was the young artist in the family. I enjoyed building model cars and airplanes. When I was 10 years old I put my custom Schwinn chopper in the largest auto show in Colorado along with our custom 1970 Ford van that got Best of show that next year. I took part in the interior and "Don Quixote" airbrushed mural on the exterior. What is to follow is basically how I spent my life outside of work. From beginning to present...

1955 Buick Roadmaster 10.jpeg

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From the beginning

From painting my neighbor's cars at 11 years old to be on the cutting edge of new styles in the auto industry, such as lowered VW's in 1982. To developing Auto Neon in my early 20's in the late 1980s which is seen the world over today. In the Mid 1980's I helped bring Convertible Mini Trucks then Lowered Japanese and European custom cars in 1984. My life changed in 2006 when After 27 years of doing upholstery, I decided it was time for a change. I took my aircraft designs with me to Wuhan China 709th Institute and opened a factory "Vertigo Aircraft Development" and "Golden Age Modelworks" to manufacture my product. I was an American in a Chinese factory for two years. On the ground with no financial backing, the risk is very high for success or failure. In 2009 I came back to America broke and homeless because the people I left money to, did not support me as promised and they all took my money. I then asked myself, "What was I doing when I made the most money? Well, I was doing upholstery!" Another Chapter was about my developing BiG VinTage Bicycle in 2015. Being of my design, every bicycle was 8 feet long with huge wheels and tires. I made a total of 18 in five years, bicycles that went all over the world. Very labor-intensive, cutting the steel tubing, then bending and welding each one according to each customer's body size. I no longer had the time for this as my upholstery business got too busy. The rest is history... Please enjoy my virtual museum below. Thanks, Richard

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